Wall Coverings

Enhance your space with stylish and functional wall coverings, combining aesthetics and practicality flawlessly

Who needs Wall Covering?

Individuals, businesses, and institutions in need of interior design solutions benefit from wall coverings. Wall coverings serve both functional and decorative purposes, adding texture, colour, and style to interior spaces. Homeowners, hotels, offices, restaurants, and other commercial establishments often use wall coverings to enhance the visual appeal, create a specific ambience, and protect walls from wear and tear.

Where do you need Wall Covering?

Wall coverings are needed in various interior spaces to enhance aesthetics and functionality. They are commonly used in residential settings, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas, to add texture and colour. Wall coverings are also prevalent in commercial spaces like hotels, offices, and restaurants, where they create a specific ambiance and protect walls from wear and tear. In public institutions like museums and galleries, wall coverings can enhance the overall display and atmosphere.

What does Wall covering mean?

Wall covering refers to materials or finishes used to decorate and protect interior walls. It includes a wide range of options, such as wallpaper, paint, fabric, wood panelling, tiles, and textured surfaces. Wall coverings enhance the visual appeal of a space, add texture and colour, and can transform the overall ambiance. They are an essential element in interior designing, contributing to the style and character of the interior space.

How to select appropriate wall covering?

To select appropriate wall covering, consider the interior style and ambiance you wish to achieve. Assess the room's lighting, size, and function to determine the best material. Choose a colour or pattern that complements the overall design. Consider the durability, maintenance, and budget. Samples and swatches help visualise the look. Consult with an interior designer for expert advice and ensure the chosen wall covering aligns with your preferences and design vision.

Why is Wall Covering important?

Wall covering is important in interior designing as it adds personality and style to a space. It enhances the visual appeal, creating a unique ambiance that reflects the occupant's taste and preferences. Wall coverings also protect walls from wear and tear, extending their lifespan. From wallpaper to paint, textured surfaces to tiles, the right wall covering elevates the interior design, contributing to a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment.


Wall Coverings

Our Wall Coverings Design service offers clients a range of options to transform their interiors into stunning and personalised spaces. From wallpapers and wall decals to textured finishes and decorative panels, we provide expert guidance in selecting the perfect wall coverings. Our team considers the overall design scheme, colour palette, and desired aesthetic to create impactful and visually captivating walls. Whether it's adding texture, pattern, or a focal point, our Wall Coverings Design service elevates the ambiance and adds personality to any room.